Feb 21, 2009

Channel with Worst Management.

Two news channels have been launched on the 1st January , the New Year day. Its time we compare both of them before comparing with the other news channels.

HMTV started its operations in 2007 and hence it took more than one year to bring out its channel. After spending more than 4 crores on unproductive work so far, the management seemed to have decded to pressurise the staff to being out the channel at any cost even though the staff is not confident on there work. But such hard work is not seen on the screen. aswell as in the quality of the Channel is worst. As the Programmes in the Channels are not good and attracting the people.

May be too many peoples' ambition to be seen on the screen led to this situation. Graphics are very very poor, leave alone the fonts and the updation. There is a terrible failure on the  inputs front and hence most of the news items are National and International - proving that dependency on the Reuters is more than its own bureau. Coordination among the reporters and the studio is missing. 

As a viewer, we can see the old age people wearing blazers and trying to look younger. But their thinking is not modern and we can see usage of words like Sikhara Vaarta for Headline News. The average age of staff is more than any other channel in AP. The discussions are very poor. People are more interested in wearing blazers rather than preparing well for the discussions. 
1 GantaVaarthulu.we hope  this is another Doordarshan channels.as we compare to doordarshan this is channel has no quality.in Technical and programmes side. 

As we hard A key perosn as left the  Job . Because of  dirty Politics in the Channels. If the Channel is Continues in the Same way the Channel will close very Sooner. Channel is Loosing the some importent Persons because of dirty politics. 

if it goes on like this you  cant seperate milk and water. in should of Swan  the Crow will be Flying around the channel globe.You have the Caption form  faster brighter to Slower Lighter. 

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